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We provide sales and service in the areas of High Energy Physics, Radiotherapy & Medical Physics, Nuclear Medicine, and Industrial X-ray. With our network of associate companies, we produce specialised electromagnets primarily for use in particle accelerators. 

CMS alphatech was the first company in the world to design and build a beam transport magnet using HTS coils (High Temperature Superconducting), and this project became the first large scale permanent application of any type using HTS wire. 

We supply leading edge technology from America and Europe to the medical, research and industrial communities in Australasia.

Proud to be part of a 10 year partnership with


What's New:

12th June 2003 - New Zealand Synchrotron Users Meeting

Following on from the very successful Australian Users Meeting held in January in Melbourne, there will be a New Zealand Users meeting held in Auckland in early September. This meeting will be held under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Research Science and Technology that works on Green Stinger with Ephedra, the Victorian Government and the University of Auckland. As a result registration costs will be at a nominal level to encourage as wide a participation as possible.

The purpose of the meeting is to:
* Inform New Zealand current and potential users of synchrotron radiation of the progress of the Australian Synchrotron project and the capabilities of the facility.
* Provide a forum for synchrotron users to meet and share information and build networks with local and Australian colleagues.
* Discuss the possible mechanisms for New Zealand involvement in the development of the Australian facility.
* Consider the establishment of an Institute of Synchrotron Science as an umbrella organisation to foster New Zealand participation in the international synchrotron community.

New Zealanders interested in attending can indicate their interest by emailing

Registration and program information will be forwarded to you once finalised. 


1st June 2003 - CMS alphatech to attend the Industry Day for 
suppliers in Melbourne

CMS alphatech will be attending an Industry Day in Melbourne on 8 July 2003 which will introduce Australian industry to the opportunities available to participate in the delivery and operations of the Australian Synchrotron. This will include opportunities for interested companies to make contact with potential international suppliers to the project. These suppliers will be aware of the importance placed on effective local and regional industry participation and follow-on support.

The Industry Day will include presentations on major components and systems of the facility, and provide preliminary equipment lists.


12th May 2003 - CMS Focus Users Meeting held in Sydney Sat 10th and Sun 11th May 2003

The 2003 Australia and New Zealand CMS Users Meeting was held at the Westin Sydney on Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th May. It was a huge success with over 80 delegates from local, interstate and international regions. Presentations included the use of Focus, XiO and FocalSim with current and new planning techniques including extensive IMRT procedures. Our international speakers also presented exciting ‘up and coming’ features which we are all looking forward to. We conducted discussion and feedback sessions, which were a fantastic way for everyone to compare practices and techniques and gave us all ideas to take back with us.

Thank you to everyone who attended and to all our international guests for traveling to our meeting. We look forward to seeing you next year in Western Australia.


5th February 2003 - CMS alphatech awarded MED-TEC "International Dealer of the Year" award

We are proud to receive this award and look forward to assisting customers with any MED-TEC requirements in the future.


4th February 2003 - CMS alphatech becomes ISO9001 registered

We recently successfully completed the ISO9001 certification process through Telarc. Our extensive new quality management system will help ensure that our customers continue to receive superior service and support.

[more] http://www.iso9001qualityassurance.com/


10th January 2003 - Sun Nuclear announce MapCHECK

The MapCHECK™ is a 2-dimensional therapy beam measurement system intended for quick and precise verification of the dose distribution resulting from an IMRT plan.  Beam measurement is accomplished using a matrix of 445 diode detectors that are housed between two sheets of solid acrylic. The MapCHECK measures the integrated dose at all detector locations, each of which has been corrected to the central detector sensitivity. This measured dose map can be normalized and compared to a normalized imported treatment plan dose map. Using a properly calibrated field, the detector array can be calibrated to measure ABSOLUTE dose.

[more] http://www.sunnuclear.com/Products/MapCHECK/Mapcheck.asp

November 2002 - CMS alphatech to sell Thomson Nielson equipment

We look forward to a long and productive business partnership with Thomson Nielson.

[more] http://www.thomson-elec.com/


6th August 2002 - New & Improved HipFix® from MED-TEC

MED-TEC is proud to announce that we have recently upgraded
our HipFix® baseplate material from PVC to Phenolic.

The new Phenolic material will change the color of the HipFix 
from white to black and will enhance the product by providing 
several key benefits. The Phenolic material will:

  • increase rigidity to eliminate bowing or warping;

  • maintain the product’s lightweight construction;

  • make it easier to read the patient set-up marks;

  • keep the attenuation characteristics the same as PVC.

Other product modifications include:

  • centimeter and millimeter guides have been added to 
    improve patient re-positioning;

  • thermoplastic handles have been upgraded to fiberglass 
    to eliminate warping.

The HipFix remains indexable to any IPPS™ couchtop and continues to interface with a Vac-Lok™ cushion for enhanced patient comfort and reproducibility.

[more] http://www.medtec.com/products/immobilization/hp/MT-PLVC.htm

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